What is this all about?
Well—we love treasure hunts!  When it came to our attention that some kids (and adults) had never done one before, mom and daughter team Lucy & Lesley set about and created a kit to solve the problem.  After many prototypes, tests, and subsequent re-design, we’ve created the perfect kit! Laying the clues takes about 2 minutes, and results in ages of hunting, riddle-solving, and excitement.  As an added bonus, each kit is hand-made with love!

We just launched, so we’re just in the midst of getting some lovely publicity and reviews.  For now, check out this lovely review we received from popular mom blogger Katie Shelton!  And be amongst the first to try our kits!

Who is a treasure hunt kit appropriate for?
We’ve tested and sent these to people of all ages, and have received a great response from everyone!  Not only do kids ages 8-16 love this kit, but so do adults—especially as a romantic gesture!  Kids younger than 8 also love the hunt, but sometimes may need a little assistance from the person hiding the clues (you receive a hint guide with each kit).  Try this on a child, friend or significant other as a quirky and cute rainy day activity.

What kind of treasure should I use? 
As you may have noticed, treasure doesn’t come standard in our kits.  This is mainly because you know your hunter best—what would they like?  We encourage you to use this kit as a fun way to give someone their birthday or Christmas presents, a love note, jewelry on a special occasion, as a way to spice up a money or gift card present, or even just a goofy little toy from the corner shop.  If you are struggling, we have cute tiny treasures in our Treasure Shop that you can add—all of which will fit exactly right into the mini mini treasure chest (which can be tough, since it is so tiny)!

How much is shipping?  Where do you ship to?
We ship pretty much everywhere!  Flat-shipping around the US is $5, to Canada is $12, and internationally is $16.  However, please note that all our kits come written in English (please contact us if you’d like to request a translation for the future).

Can I re-use this kit?
Yes!  We send it in a cute little wooden box to encourage you to keep everything and use it on many different hunters.  Also, we hope to soon come out with new clue sets that you can purchase (without needing to buy the magnifier or treasure chest) to start the fun all over again with your now-experienced hunters!  To keep updated about this (and other news, coupons and excitement), join our mailing list: