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The Original mini treasure hunting kit!


What people think of tiny Treasure Hunts

If you have a kiddo of your own (or a niece or nephew), I totally recommend this Tiny Treasure Hunt kit.  [My daughter] had a blast with this and we saved everything so we can use it again… with a different treasure at the end, of course.  The tiny magnifying glass in the kit was my favorite part… it is so adorable.


I can highly recommend Tiny Treasure Hunts, and not just for kids. I got it for my girlfriend as a fun way to give her her birthday gift and she absolutely loved it.  Not to mention I got to enjoy watching her solve the riddles—even I didn’t know what was coming next!


I actually bought this for my mother.  She loves having her grandkids over and now she can use the same hunt over and over for all the little visitors.